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Most commonly household blockages are caused by build ups of fats and oils and it is these build ups when not treated that over a period of time get bigger that cause full blockages where water is no longer able to pass through your drain. So you’ve got a blockage, what should you do? Smaller blockages can be treated yourself with household products, however these will struggle to deal with more stubborn blockages and the corrosive and harmful chemicals in these products aren’t very good for the environment.

Rather than chemically when suitable a blockage should be removed physically, this is harder to achieve without our specialist equipment and knowledge of this equipment. We use years of experience coupled with the latest in CCTV and high pressure water jetting systems that allow us to locate and obliterate a blockage, fast.

We’ve got your back and cover  All Leeds Locations. We’ve dealt with a few customers who’ve called out a plumber and paid a hefty call out fee to then find out that the blockage was too much for the equipment they were working with. Our specialist equipment will get through any blockage big or small, industrial or commercial. We love getting down to business with blockages that’s why we work 24/7 365 days of the year to clear them. We also run a 24 hour phone line with one of our helpful staff always ready to take your call. So please if you have any further questions or would like to talk pricing with one of our representatives please feel free.