Prevention for Drains

Prevention seems to be the best solution. To speak to a our specialist, is to inform yourself to what is needed to avoid blockages and for your issue to be resolved if you didn’t avoid it. To speak to us, is something that you can do at any time that suits your schedule.

The four main causes of a blocked drain are grease, hair, foreign objects and leaves and dirt.

Grease – For a blockage in sinks especially kitchen sinks the main thing to blame is the grease and fat you pour down when cooking. Easy and simple way to avoid sink backing up it to wait the fat from cooking food to cool down and then dispose it in the bin.

Hair – Also very simple thing to do is to clean your shower and bath after using so there is no hair left to cause a future blockages of your drains.

Foreign objects – Just be careful and pay attention to what to chunk into your drains because not every object even if it is organic will decompose as fast as your drain needs and it can be a major cause of instant blockage.

Leaves and dirt – To keep your garden and house front clean is not just for your and your neighbours eyes but also for the health of your drainage system. So if you don’t want to see your garden flooded or a big puddle at the front of your house keep it clean and leafless. We are called to many jobs in the area where leaves have stopped the drains and this situation could have easily been avoided. During the year it is inevitable that leaves will fall into the drains as the leaves are falling from the trees. By making sure that you have a grill over the drain and by clearing the grill from time to time you will save yourself a lot of problems.

Blocked Drain Leeds – Tips For Keeping a Clear Toilet

Some home owners are more than capable of sorting out most household issues by themselves and will only ring out for a professional as a last resort, whereas others would rather wait until problems arise to then call out a professional who can deal with the problem quickly so they can go back to normal life.

Sometimes people who think they can fix everything and won’t call out professionals can make a task or issue ten times worse and sometimes even ten times more expensive. While waiting for problems to occur as a pose to taking small steps to help prevent the need of a trades-person can be just as expensive.

How do you cross this very thin line between helping yourself and having the humility to realise when a task is too sizable for your capabilities? No matter whether you’re a D.I.Y whizz or completely uninterested in home improvements, here are a few tips to help with the identification and maintenance of a healthy flowing toilet system.

Firstly, the most effective way of telling whether you toilet and or drainage system needs to be looked at is the sound of your flush, any irregularities in the sound of your flush could be an indication of obstructed water flow. Usually these problems tend to be something to do with your flushing mechanism which tends top be a much easier job, however we wouldn’t recommend assuming and not getting a problem checked out.

Secondly we like to emphasise the importance of maintaining a strong flushing action as reduced pressure and weakened flushes can cause problems in the future if not sorted immediately. We recommend sorting an issue with your toilet straight away even if the first action is just a diagnosis of the issue, you could still save yourself a lot of time and money.

If you have any questions or queries don’t hesitate to give our friendly team a call an see what we can do for you today!