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What should I do if my drains are blocked?

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If your drains is blocked use the right pipe cleaning tools plunger pumpIf you are confident in your abilities to get rid of a blockage, particularly if the blockage is very small, there are many things you can do. If the blockage is in your toilet, using a toilet plunger is your best bet. Make sure that the plunger is shaped to the base of the toilet bowl to create a tight seal, as this will create the pressure that is needed to either bring up or push out the blockage. It’s unusual for blocks to be caused by rodents and rats in the swears but not unheard of.

Coat hangers also make a very useful tool, should you find yourself without a plunger. Stretch the hanger out to create one long rod, and then bend slightly so that it can be inserted into the pipe leading from the toilet bowl to the chamber. Gently wiggle the rod around until you are sure that you have cleared away whatever was blocking the pipe. It is very important that this step be done carefully, as a coat hanger can easily scratch or damage your toilet if not used gently.

If the blockage is in your kitchen sink, and it is a small blockage, there are some simple home tricks that may work. Pouring hot water and baking soda down the drain, followed by hot vinegar, can dissolve away any small build up of waste. The chemical reaction between the soda and the vinegar will dislodge the blockage, and another flush of hot water will clear it away down the drain. This method can also be used as a way of regularly maintaining your drains to clear any potential buildups. However, if this doesn’t work, you should give blocked drain Leeds a call today.